ALSEYE® Liquid CPU Cooler with Dual 1800 RPM 120mm Fans, Aluminium Radiator, Copper Cooling Block SATA Pump(Water Max240) | AS-Watermax240-0012


Direct Touch Heat-pipe (DTH) Base technology transfers the CPU’s heat directly to heat-pipes, there by minimizing heat resistance and maximizing cooling performance.
Factory filled with coolant, then sealed and pressure tested – requires zero maintenance for years.
ALSEYE self-designed pump and water block guarantees the best water flow and system performance.
Bigger tubing and radiator size provide superior heat dissipation performance.
Exclusive Dual 120mm fans to dissipate large amounts of heat through the radiator.

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 10 cm


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AS-Watermax240-0012 / #12470


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