AMD Radeon R3 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive (SSD) | R3SL240G


Why pay more?
Why pay top prices for no name brands? Let AMD’s massive purchasing ability work for you. AMD’s world-wide leadership in video and CPU’s technology enables them to purchase mass amounts of technology components at the very lowest prices. With such high volume purchases, we can manufacture Solid State drives at a much lower cost and we are simply passing these savings on to you. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

Huge Speed Jump! Up to 10 times faster!
With read/write speeds up to 520/470 you will find our Solid State drives will perform up to 10x faster than your traditional Hard Drive. Imagine loading complex programs up in seconds? There is no better way to breathe new life into your existing PC. Why spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a new PC, when a simple cost effective upgrade from Radeon can do the trick?
3 year Warranty!
All Radeon R3 Solid Stare Drives come with a full 3 year warranty from defect. Buy product from the name you trust and get the warranty you deserve.

Multitasking Extraordinaire!
By bringing new life to your old PC with the Radeon R3 Solid State Drive you will soon discover your ability to truly multitask with minimal performance lag. Imagine running 3, 4 or even 5 programs simultaneously with next to no performance drop off. Discover how valuable an R3 SSD truly is. Once you install you will see a vast improvement in almost every aspect of your computer. Who knew you could do so much for so few $’s?

Buy with Confidence!
Buy from a name you know and trust. Why pay more to buy from a company you have never heard of? Why buy form a company that does not have the engineering prowess of AMD with their 5,000 engineers world-wide? Ensure you’re getting what’s advertised! Trust AMD to hold their drives to the very highest standard and ensure they will work properly in any Intel or AMD system.

Fit it anywhere!
The Radeon R3 drives are just 2.5″ wide but come in just over a quarter of an inch thick. This means they will fit anywhere, be it a PC or even notebooks. You will have no problem replacing your old slow HDD or simply adding a new SSD your existing set up. Choices are yours but space should not be an issue you will have to deal with.

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