ASRock Z87-ITX Intel Motherboard


I’ve always been quite the Mini-ITX fan. With the last few generation of motherboards, a Mini-ITX based board didn’t mean you had to sacrifice large amounts of performance. Mini-ITX boards are often just as fast as their bigger brothers. At the same time they tend to come in at a slightly cheaper price because they have less on it due to the size. Today we’re taking the time to have a look at our first Z87 Mini-ITX motherboard and it comes from our friends at ASRock who tend to be one of the first companies to offer motherboards based on this format. The two main things we want to find out today is what the out of the box performance is like and how the Mini-ITX form factor affects our overclocking ability, if at all. We haven’t had the best luck with our particular 4770K CPU to date and we’re sure that overclocking on this Mini-ITX board isn’t going to be quite as strong. There’s a few things we’ve got to do before we get into the overclocking side of things. So, saying that, let’s gets into the package of the board and roll on through to the performance side of things, which we’ll look over

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