ASUS 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card MATRIX-R9290X-P-4GD5


Exclusive Direct CU II design – 20% cooler and 3X quieter DIGI+ VRM with Super Alloy Power delivers precise digital power for superior efficiency, reliability, and performance. Japan-made black metallic capacitors provides better temperature endurance and longer lifespan The LN2 mode/STD mode jumper switch unlocks restrictions on power target, voltage and overcurrent protection so you can unleash maximum power Use Safe Mode to restore your Matrix card’s default frequencies and voltages with a single button tap Memory Defroster automatically defrosts the Matrix’s memories during subzero overclocking to ensure sustained stability Matrix has a gorgeous color-coded LED that shines brightly through four resplendent gradients to reflect the GPU’s load level ROG edition GPU Tweak offering incredibly precise control over GPU clock frequency, pulse-width modulation (PWM), VRM and even fans. A simple online-streaming function lets you share gameplay live – so people can watch as you play

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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 10 cm


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MATRIX-R9290X-P-4GD5 / #11243


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