BitFenix Pandora Core Window Micro -ATX Case (Black) | BFC-PAN-300-KKWN1-RP


Clean styling, innovative features, and exceptional build quality – Pandora Core Window represents the next level of BitFenix chassis design. The soft curved design is surrounded by luxuriously brushed aluminum side panels that give the entire case a timelessly elegant look that melds perfectly with any modern décor. Pandora Core Window also features a large acrylic window side panel with SSD cutout that helps you show off the hardware inside. Despite its slim 160mm width, Pandora Core Window can accommodate high-octane hardware, such as 240mm water cooling radiators, and expansion cards up to 350mm in length. Users are able to house up to two 3.5″ HDDs or three 2.5″ SSDs, and to keep all of this hardware running cool, a direct airflow design along with smart cable management features help ensure everything runs frosty. Friendly features like pre-installed standoffs and pop-off screwless side panels help get your system up and running quickly, while magnetic dust filters allow for easy clean up.

Elegant Slim Design
At just 160mm wide, Pandora Core Window features a timeless slim design that fits in any modern décor. The sleek curved styling makes it look every bit as elegant in the living room as the computer room, making Pandora Core Window an ideal chassis for a media or living room PC.

Brushed Aluminum Side Panels
Adorning both sides of Pandora Core Window are two curved side panels. Crafted from solid aluminum and featuring a matte brushed finish, these side panels not only help dissipate heat from the system, but also give Pandora Core Window an undeniably timeless look.

Acrylic Window Side Panel
Elite hardware deserves to be shown off. The windowed side panel of Pandora Core Window is designed to not only show off your motherboard and graphics card, but also the side-mounted SSD drive for an unobstructed view.

Advanced Hardware Compatibility
Despite its svelte build, Pandora Core Window can accommodate a plethora of high-end hardware, including graphics cards up to 350mm in length, and even a 240mm water cooling radiator. On the storage side, Pandora Core Window can hold up to two 3.5″ hard drives or three 2.5″ SSDs, making it an impressively capable system with styling to match.

Direct Airflow Design
To help keep your hardware cool, Pandora Core Window employs smart layout and cable management features to ensure that cool air from the front fan locations can reach your graphics card and CPU. By minimizing cable clutter and locating fans where they are needed most, Pandora Core Window can effectively keep system temperatures manageable despite its slim form factor.

DIY Friendly
Building inside a small case is generally a nightmare, which is why Pandora Core Window smartly designed for quick and easy installation. Pre-installed standoffs make it easy to install your motherboard, while easy pop-off side panels give you quick access to your system’s internals. Across the power supply location is a unique cable management bracket that makes it easy to keep your power cables under control and maintain optimal airflow.

BitFenix Quality
Like all BitFenix chassis, Pandora Core Window includes the same attention to detail that makes owning a BitFenix chassis an entirely new experience. Quick release dust filters throughout the case help keep internals clean while being easy to wash, and rolled-edge cable pass-throughs prevent damage to cables and fingers alike. Add to that anti-vibration washers throughout and a luxurious powder-coated interior, and Pandora Core Window represents the quintessential BitFenix experience.


Aluminum, Steel, Plastic

Dimensions (WxHxD)
160 x 420 x 465

Motherboard Sizes
Micro ATX, Mini-ITX

3.5” Drive Bays
x 2

2.5” Drive Bays
x 3

Cooling Top
120mm x 1 (included)

Cooling Front
120mm x 2 (1 included)

PCI Slots
x 5

USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio

Power Supply
PS2 ATX (bottom, multi direction)

Brushed Aluminum Side Panels, Cable Management

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BFC-PAN-300-KKWN1-RP / #18412


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