Corsair rounds off its Flash Voyager series with a brilliant new idea – a USB stick with automatic purely hardware-based data encryption. Simply enter the definable PIN and PADLOCK 2 becomes a normal USB flash drive, that automatically decrypts/encrypts data in the background with 256 Bit. Encryption is carried out via a chip on the motherboard, so no software is needed. Since PADLOCK 2 is a pure hardware solution, the USB stick can be used on any platform with a USB port, whether it is Windows, Linux, Unix or Apple system as Host. PADLOCK 2 allows the optional use of a master password, whith what for example, a system admin can control all the sticks of a company. To lock the stick just push the ‘Key’ button and the stick is useless for everyone who finds the it, because the data are encrypted. If the user forgets to lock the stick, then PADLOCK 2 automatically lockes it after a short time after he was removed from the host.

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