Cougar GX800-V3 800W Watt 80-Plus Gold and RST Power Power Supply


This Cougar GX GOLD power supply is built and engineered in YES! Germany, NOT China, and can put out more like 900w than its intended 800w supply. Its simply one of the best SLI Power supply’s that can push 2x GTX570’s in SLI or two overclocked GTX560’s in SLI. via the (EVGA) Precession software. Downloadable free. It syncs both GPU’s together in perfect harmony. I wish for nothing better.. I would have went for the new ATI 7 series, only no Cuda, or PhysX. (Period). So I intend to upgrade to one GTX 670 and only if I have the spare cash by Xmas, “God willing” the 2nd 670 in SLI. With a TDP of only 170W NVIDIA doesn’t necessarily need a huge PCB. (170w is bloody amazing for such a powerful card), and the HD-7970 can come nowhere close to that as it needs about 250 watts. Check google out for the specs. However, the HD-7970 is a Card to be reconciled with, its huge power cannot be overruled. Comes with a Tri SLI Rig setup with 6 PCI-E 6/8 pin sockets. AND a single Rail AMP-AGE design. together with more Sata and Molex sockets than you ARE likely to use or even need. 24 and 20 pin / 4pin and 8 pin Power to the motherboard and VRM.

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GX800-V3 / #10870


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