Creative SB1510 Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe Audiophile Grade Gaming Sound Card with High Performance Headphone Amp and Desktop Audio Control Module | SB1510


Creative Sound Blaster ZxR PCIe Audiophile Grade Gaming Sound Card

One card to rule them all. The Sound Blaster ZxR embodies the design and engineering philosophy of “Total System Performance” that Sound Blaster has employed by combining audiophile-grade componentry with exclusive audio playback and recording technologies into a technical masterpiece. The Sound Blaster ZxR has refined audio playback and staggeringly high-fidelity recording capabilities that few if any other PC audio cards can even dream to aspire to.

With the Sound Blaster ZxR, my game audio is crystal clear and no sound goes unnoticed.”- Chad “Minigun” Jones

124dB SNR OF SUPERIOR EXPERIENCESound Blaster ZxR has been designed to meet the expectations of those who want a vastly superior experience over motherboard audio. With external DACs delivering 124dB SNR, a 600 ohm audiophile-grade headphone amp and customizable SBX Pro Studio™ technologies, Sound Blaster ZxR is the most advanced PCIe sound card ever made.

TI BURR-BROWN DIGITAL AUDIO CONVERTERThe TI Burr-Brown Digital Audio Converter (DAC) converts digital signals to analog while preserving digital purity, and delivers an audio signal rated at an incredible 127dB SNR (DAC output).

600 OHM HEADPHONE AMPSound Blaser ZxR delivers the power needed to drive even the highest end headphones, allowing these headphones to reach their full playback potential. With its built-in 600 ohm, 80mW TI TPA6120 headphone amp, the sound card boasts a dynamic range of more than 120dB. This ensures no audio is lost from the amplifier as it exceeds the range of hearing for the human ear.

“MULTIPLE LAYER SUPER GROUNDED” PCB DESIGN WITH EMI SHIELDINGWith multiple layer super grounding, layers of PCB and materials are dedicated to shielding signals that are travelling across the board away from possible interference points. EMI shielding adds yet another level of protection from analog interference by shielding the card from potential outside signals. This yields an extremely pure analog output signal.

TRUE AUDIO CUSTOMIZATIONThe Sound Blaster ZxR main board is equipped with top-of-the line swappable Op Amps that allow users to further optimize their listening experience by customizing their sound coloration at the hardware level.

NICHICON “FINE GOLD” CAPACITORSThese are used throughout the card, allowing for a rich and full base register without sacrificing clarity of high end tones.

DBPRO STUDIO-QUALITY DAUGHTER CARDWhile the main board of Sound Blaster ZxR focuses on audio playback, the DBPro daughter board focuses on pristine recording and input. The DBPro board connects via a header on the main board and does not require an additional PCIe slot nor additional power.

SOUND BLASTER AUDIO CONTROL MODULE (ACM)The Audio Control Module (ACM) provides convenient desktop access to the powerful Sound Blaster ZxR 600 ohm, 80mW headphone amp, which allows any headphone or headset to reach its maximum potential in audio delivery. Rotary volume knob allows for smooth volume control. Equipped with a stereo beamforming microphone and coupled with exclusive Sound Core3D™ hardware-accelerated CrystalVoice™ voice enhancements, such as noise reduction and echo-cancellation technologies, the ACM lets users communicate or record even while audio is playing through desktop speakers.

SOUND CORE3D AUDIO PROCESSORThe multi-core Sound Core3D audio processor was designed to offload SBX Pro Studio and CrystalVoice effects processing from your primary CPU, improving your overall PC performance, resulting in drastically superior audio and voice quality.

3D SURROUND SOUNDSBX Pro Studio technologies allow you to control the level of audio immersion in music, movies, and games. Go far beyond ordinary 5.1 and 7.1 solutions with an enhanced sense of audio depth and spaciousness by creating virtual surround sound channels via SBX Surround.

CRYSTAL CLEAR COMMUNICATIONThe CrystalVoice suite of technologies ensures you’ll experience crystal clear communications while using VOIP services, chatting, or gaming as well as providing a set of enhancements to ensure that recordings are of studio quality.

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