DEEPCOOL CF140 2in1, RGB LED Lighting – 2 x 140mm PWM Fans | DP-FA-RGB-CF140-2


Utilizing 12pcs of independently programmable RGB LED lights, CF120 provides full lighting for your build, achieving magical lighting effects with Motherboard control or cable control.
It includes 3 dynamic modes (waves, cycles and breathing) and 3 monochrome modes (constant light, breathing and meteor), with up to 8 different colors to choose from.

CF140 can be easily controlled by Motherborad through 5V ADD-RGB Header and they can synchronize with other ADD-RGB devices.

With better balance on air volume & air pressure, CF140 can be used as case fans or CPU cooling fans.

Utilize 12pcs of independently programmable RGB LEDs for amazing display effects
Can be easily controlled by MB through 5V A-RGB Header, no additional controller needed, and can synchronize with other A-RGB devices
Use the included A-RGB Controller to control multiple devices
Fan speed can be intelligently controlled by MB in accordance with temperature
Better balance on air volume & air pressure, low noise, can be used as a case fan or CPU cooling fan
WS2812B ADD-RGB LED is applied and the below 3pin ADD-RGB Headers are compatible for the device: 5V/D/G and 5V/D/NC/G, which is used for the mainstream M/B brands like ASUS, Gigabyte

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