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New EK-BAY SPIN Reservoir – Plexi CSQ is an updated reservoir by EK. Reservoir is made of quality acrylic material with fresh looking, satin finish acrylic top. The water flows over the flow indicator which shows the water is actually circlying in the system. Water flows afterwads to waterfall on front acrylic cover into the reservoir. On top of the reservoir resevoir caters G3/8 plug to easy fill/refill the reservoar with cooling liquid. Reservoir only needs to be put into an empty 5 1/4 slot. No boring or sawing is necessary. The reservoir is to be closed with enclosed plugs, thus a closed system arises. No water can evaporate from it which makes the annoying refilling unnecessary.

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BAY SPIN Reservoir – Plexi / #8411


0.93 Kg


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