EK-Multioption RES X2 – 400 Advanced KOS


The new, Multioption X2 reservoir from EK is a major step towards new multioption reservoirs. The multioption X2 offers at least twice as much setup possibilities. Manufactured of first class quality 60mm acrylic tube and POM Acetal, sealed with quality EPDM rubber washers.New version has the outer diameter of 60mm (compared to old version which had 50mm). All new features give customer better mounting, easier filling and faster bleeding. Basic version: Bottom part gives user 3 options for placing the G1/4 fittings/barbs as inlet or outlet. Top part gives 1 additional option for placing the G1/4 fitting/barb as inlet or outlet. So the basic version has totally 4 options. Unused G1/4 ports are to be plugged with enclosed G1/4 Plugs. Additionally, the reservoir comes with one internal 12mm ID and 16mm OD tube with thread on one end so it can be screwed into threaded ports inside the reservoir (1 × bottom, 1 × top). New Multioption X2 Reservoirs comes with a pair of EK design reservoir holders with adjustable fastening force with enclosed Allen key.

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