EK-Supreme HF


Modern multi-core CPUs are the future for Intel and AMD, the giant CPU makers. Great strides have been made in computing power, but regardless how much engineers have tried to improve power consumption, multi-core processors tend to generate high heat outputs, especially when overclocked. In response, many companies have released massive heatsinks but despite the sizes, air coolers simply aren’t as efficient as one of our more favourite cooling methods: water. Water cooling a CPU has been around for quite some time and EK Water Blocks has been on the scene for over eleven years now. They are no stranger to us, and we’ve seen many of their designs across our testing bench or in our own personal rigs in some instances. They’re also often one of the first to market when new graphics cards are released and GPU water blocks are required. EKWB has been busy like bees for the past few months at their headquarters located in Slovenia. They’ve revamped the website, rebranded with a new logo, introduced new line of radiators and finally released EK-Supreme HF (high flow) CPU block, the successor of the popular EK-Supreme.

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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 10 cm


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Supreme HF / #8406


0.55 Kg


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