Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition GDDR 5X 11GB Graphic Cards | GV-N108TAORUS X-11GD


Core Clock (MHz): 1746/1632 (Boost/Base) in OC Mode and 1721/1607 (Boost/Base) in Gaming Mode
WINDFORCE Stack 3X 100mm Fan Cooling System with Advanced Copper Back Plate Cooling
RGB Fusion – 16.8M customizable color lighting with RGB AORUS LOGO Illumination Metal Back Plate
Built for Extreme Overclocking 12+2 Power Phases

■ Performance of AORUS

The AORUS graphics board has pursued the ultimate graphics experience for gamers and enhanced the completeness. Based on the innovative NVIDIA® Pascal ™ GPU architecture, the AORUS graphics card brings a superb gaming experience. – GPU Gauntlet ™ sort. – Pascal ™ graphics board achieves superior performance and power efficiency. – Supports up to 8K display (60 Hz). – Outstanding performance for VR games

■ AORUS cooling solution

The AORUS cooling solution cools all major components of the graphics board. For stable overclocking and long life of the product, we focused not only on GPU but also on VRAM and MOSFET cooling. On the front side, large copper baseplates are dissipated from GPU and VRAM, and backside copper backplates dissipate heat from the GPU. All other major components are cooled by the WINDFORCE cooling system.

■ Large copper base plate

Large copper base plate is brought into direct contact with the GPU and VRAM, and by combining with the composite heat pipe, heat generated from the inner core is efficiently transmitted to the heat sink.

Cooling with copper back plate

In addition to the large cooling module on the front part, it also cools the GPU with a large copper plate on the back.


The new WINDFORCE stack cooling system was cooled with three 100 mm fans and, in addition, improved heat dissipation with an innovative stacking structure.

■ Stack fan design

With three 100 mm stack fans, it cools a wide range smoothly. Cooling performance has been improved by 10% by covering more heat sinks than conventional 80 mm fans.

Innovation of stack fan design

We stacked three 100 mm fans into a width of less than 300 mm by stacking. By concentrating and expanding the air flow of the entire heat sink, it enables extremely efficient heat radiation.

■ Alternate spinning fan design

Rotating the center fan in the reverse direction optimizes the airflow and makes the heat dissipation more effective.

■ Original blade fan design

Air flow is split by a triangular fan edge, guided smoothly by the 3D stripe curve on the fan surface, improving the air current by 23% compared to conventional fans.

■ Double Ball Bearing Structure

Due to the double ball bearing structure, the heat resistance and efficiency are improved more than the sleeve structure.

■ 3D Active Fan & RGB LED Indicator

The fan turns off when the load and temperature of the GPU become low power consumption state. Also, the fan status is displayed on the LED fan indicator at the top of the graphics card.

■ Orientation of Copper Plate

Adjusting the air flow of the system to the copper plate further improves the cooling performance.

■ Angular fin design

Different angles will not only enlarge the contact surface of the fins but also improve the cooling capacity while lowering the noise level.

■ Composite heat pipe

Composite heat pipe combines both thermal conductivity and transition, improving cooling capacity by 29%.


By using 16.8 million color customizable color options and many lighting effects, you can color graphic boards.


Flexible output connection is possible with AORUS VR Link with HDMI port for VR. Connect up to 4 monitors or 3 monitors and VR devices at the same time. When you restart the PC, the output is detected automatically and no setting is necessary.

■ Metal back plate

The board is protected by a stylish black metal back plate.

■ Aerospace grade substrate coating

Aerospace grade substrate coating protects the board from humidity and corrosion as well as falling and wear of dust and screws.

■ LED Indicator

When an abnormality occurs in the power supply of PCI – E, a warning is issued by blinking the LED indicator of the connector section.

■ Durability of TITAN X grade

The AORUS graphic board is designed with the same highest quality choke and capacitor as TITAN X, it has high performance and long life.

■ SLI Technology

The AORUS SLI HB (high bandwidth) bridge supporting 2-way SLI doubles the available transfer bandwidth bridge compared to the previous generation, and it also shows high effect in 4K game play or surround games. AORUS SLI bridge supports 16.8M customizable color lighting and many effects. You can also sync the lighting with the graphics card using the AORUS Engine utility.

■ Hand-friendly board design

The manufacturing process has been fully automated and the quality of the circuit board has improved. Also, the protrusions of the soldered part seen on the board surface are eliminated, it is gentle to the hand, and other components are not easily damaged.

■ AORUS graphic engine

With an intuitive interface, you can monitor and adjust clock speed, voltage, fan performance, power supply goal in real time according to your preference.


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