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The LaCie PetiteKey – Design by 5.5 Designers. Mighty strength. Mini size, get big capacity in a small thumb drive. 100-meter Waterproof: When it comes to accidental data loss with external drives, one of the biggest killers is water damage. Splashes, spills, and swims in puddles can mean the end for many thumb drives – but not the mighty PetiteKey. The PetiteKey is resistant to splashes and spills – but most impressive, 100-meter waterproof design means you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving your keys in your pants on laundry day. The PetiteKey protects your data from accidental water damage. Sturdy and Secure: Not only is the PetiteKey 100-meter waterproof, but its connector is also scratch-resistant, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your keys damaging the thumb drive while they’re sliding around in your pocket. Protective edges on the connectors ensure that you’ll always insert the PetiteKey properly, keeping it usable and safe. Additionally, it comes with LaCie Private-Public software, which helps to keep your data safe with 256-bit Encryption and password protection. Secure Online Storage: LaCie makes it easy to integrate secure cloud storage from Wuala into the PetiteKey, making storing and sharing your files, photos, or videos easier than ever. You get a year of one-to-one storage ratio with Wuala** (your 32GB PetiteKey will come with 32GB of Wuala Secure Cloud Storage, for example), allowing you to back up your key’s contents or double your storage capacity. Even access your files on the go with the Wuala Mobile App.

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