NETGEAR ReadyNAS 2304 1U 4BAY GBE RACKMOUNT, a comprehensive storage and backup solution | NG-RR230400-100NES


Intuitive remote management & monitoring
Cloud backup (Amazon, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Azure)
Choice of storage capacity & hardware (from 2 to 60 bays, desktop or rackmount)
Team collaboration with anywhere secure access
High-performance large file storage & streaming
Business continuity with all-inclusive backup


In the event of a catastrophe, rapidly recover the latest backup with full data reconstruction.


ReadyNAS provides a combination of on-premises, NAS to NAS and Cloud backup for the best data protection.


Easiest backup configuration and ReadyNAS management for efficiency

High Density Network Storage Solution for SMBs

NETGEAR introduces ReadyNAS 2312, the industry’s first 12-bay network attached storage solution in a 1U form factor, a design that represents the highest storage density on the storage market. ReadyNAS 2312 is ideal for data backup and IP based surveillance video management, recording and storage.
For even higher-density deployments, you can also consider ReadyNAS 4360X. It offers unmatched performance, capacity and reliability storage solution to the SMB with 60 Bays in just 4U!

ReadyNAS: Your best backup plan against ransomware

Ransomware is about using a stolen user credential to encrypt data, ask for money in exchange of a decryption key so the owner of the data can recover the data
ReadyNAS Snapshot takes continuous backup of a share. When the hacker encrypts a share, the user can simply to go to the snapshot and “roll back” and recover the data
MORE IMPORTANTLY, the snapshot is saved in a separate Share and the share is NOT writable. NOT even the admin can write to it.YOU CAN NOT ENCRYPT WHAT YOU CAN NOT WRITE.

5 levels of data protection

Flex-RAID, including RAID 50 and RAID 60 for enhanced performance and fault tolerance
Built-in anti-virus
Incremental backup copies with unlimited snapshots
Bit-rot protection against media degradation
Easy-to-setup replication and backup services to public cloud or a second ReadyNAS for disaster recovery

Virtualized storage for the office
ReadyNAS is also VMWare vSphere ESXi 6.0 certified for high-performance virtualized storage with workload-heavy VM support. Build your own Private Cloud for data compliance and privacy which might not be compatible with public cloud solutions.


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