NVIDIA Quadro 6000


NVIDIA® Quadro® 6000 by PNY – World’s First 6 GB Professional Graphics Solution. Offering 6 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, 448 NVIDIA CUDA„¢ parallel processing cores and built on the innovative Fermi architecture, the NVIDIA Quadro 6000 by PNY is a true technological breakthrough delivering excellent performance across a broad range of design, animation and video applications. Using the Quadro 6000 graphics solution, your work flows €” you can design, render and deliver higher quality projects in less time. The NVIDIA Quadro 6000 by PNY offers ECC memory and fast double precision to ensure the accuracy and fidelity of your work. Quadro is designed to run computationally intensive applications such as ray tracing, video processing and computational fluid dynamics; supports DirectX 11.0, OpenGL 4.1 and Shader Model 5.0 hardware acceleration, and drives a variety of display types including: CRTs, Digital Flat Panels, Projectors and HDTVs.

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