Oxbon XB-360 2.5" SATA 360GB Internal Solid State Drive | 2710DCS23-360


Oxbon 360 GB


Consistent performance at all levels
No stall. No stutter. Innovative nCache™ Pro Technology delivers extreme performance you can count on, every day, every week, every year.

Trust your SSD. We do.
We stand behind our SSD for ten long years. Since we pioneered the modern SSD more than 20 years ago, we have good reason to believe in our drives.

Always know what’s going on
With our SSD Dashboard, you always have visibility into how your drive’s performing, what firmware updates are available, and what you can do to maintain peak performance.

Runs cool and quiet
With no moving parts, our SSDs run cool and quiet even when you use them often. Your battery lasts longer on a single charge, and your laptop has a longer life—up to 33% longer.

Load and run in a heartbeat
Waiting for big, graphics-intensive apps and games to load is time you’ll never get back. With Extreme PROSSD, it’s time you never have to waste.

Pro-level speeds
Extreme PROSSD delivers super-fast 550MB/s sequential read speeds so you can work, and play, with no delays.

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