Phanteks Black Slim Dual Tower heatsink, with 140mm PWM fan | PH-TC14S


Phanteks’ PH-TC14S incorporates the dual tower design and performance of the PH-TC14PE but in a slimmer form. The new slim form eliminates the possibility of incompatible RAM and the motherboard’s heatsink height. PH-TC14S’s Six 6mm heat-pipes are linearly aligned and developed to have the least amount of air and thermal resistance and allows for optimal heat diffusion on fins for faster cooling.PH-TC14S includes PH-F140HP PWM ultra high static pressure Premium fans with new PH-F140HP fan blade design and allows for expansion to three PH-F140HP or any other 12025 fan for higher performance and/or silent operation.

Dual tower design carried on from the PH-TC14PE but slimmer to enhance the efficiency of thermal convection.
Six U-type Nickel plated heatpipes with Aluminum stack fins for better heat distribution. The rate of heat conduction is rapid with the new design of the heatpipe’s alignment resulting in immediate cooling.
Slim design, at only 72mm, the PH-TC14S is 100% compatible with high VRM modules and high heatsink RAM. PH-TC14S follows INTEL’s CPU Keep-Out-Zone.
PH-TC14S uses Phanteks’ patented Black colored P.A.T.S technology.

Included Solisku Bracket is compatible for all INTEL/AMD motherboards. The bracket is easy to install and create a direct contact with the CPU.
PH-F140HP High Static Pressure fan is included. To create better airflow, PHF140HP’s new Seven Blade design and MVB II enhances thermal convection inside the case.
Upgradable to dual fans
Compatible with 120mm and 140mm fans
Includes accessories for dual fans (*1 PHF140HP included) (Fans accessories compatible with both 140mm and 120mm Phanteks fan)
Phanteks’ PH-NDC is made of high purity Nano diamond-like particles. A superb quality thermal compound that improves the thermal conductance between the components.

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