QNAP UX-500P 5-Bay Expension Unit for TS-x51 Turbo NAS series | UX-500P


The most economical way to expand your Turbo NAS storage
When expanding data storage capacity, deploying multiple servers can lead to complexity in management and dramatically increased cost. The QNAP UX-500P expansion enclosure is a budget-friendly expansion alternative designed with easy setup in mind for expanding the total storage space of your Turbo NAS for general applications. By connecting one expansion enclosure, the UX-500P offers a hassle-free storage expansion for home/small office use. The UX-500P provides additional 5 hard drives for the Turbo NAS and allows for a total expansion raw capacity of 40 TB* making it especially useful for data backup, digital media collection, and video surveillance.

Easily add additional drive capacity to a Turbo NAS
Missing mode protection
Flexible RAID Configuration by QTS Storage Manager
An excellent backup solution for Turbo NAS
Smart power design
Excellent hardware design

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 10 cm


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UX-500P / #12370


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