Sony Pro Raid HDD 6TB Ruggedized, Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0 , Black | PSZ-RA6T


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Key Features

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Fast Transfer Speed
Sony’s HDD Raid drives operate at 7200rpm, which enables an exceptional data transfer potential of 64GB in 3 minutes.[1]

Large Capacity
Our HDD Raid products are available in two high-capacity formats, 4TB and 6TB, for convenient and long-lasting file storage on location or in the studio.

Premium Raid Hardware
The Sony SSD Raid drives are built with high-quality hardware that supports speed (Raid 0 for striping), data integrity (Raid 1 for mirroring), and redundancy (JBOD for combining multiple disks into a single partition).

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Expanded Inputs
To support intensive production, Sony HDD Raids offer additional Dual I/F connectivity options:
Dual (2x) Thunderbolt 2 ports for easy daisy chaining (up to 6 units).
1x USB 3.0 port.

Shock Resistance
The Sony HDD Raids were built to withstand tough environments, which include electrical shocks[2]. The Raids feature MIL 20G/11ms[3] (in operating mode) and MIL 50G/11ms[3] (in non-operating mode) for advanced protection wherever you go.

Built-in Carry Handle
The Sony HDD Raids have a sturdy built-in carry handle for ultimate convenience while traveling to location or moving around the studio.

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3-Year Warranty and File Rescue
Beyond their rugged storage capabilities, all Sony Portable Storage devices come with a 3-year limited warranty for added protection. You’ll also get direct access to the Sony’s pro-level technical support in Nuevo Laredo, TX for file recovery service making accidentally locking your drive a concern of the past.

Memory Media Utility Software
Sony Raid devices feature MMU (memory media utility) software for enhanced media management. MMU delivers:
Media information, such as available storage, about devices.
Content backup to up to 3 destinations at once.
Custom media formatting.
View/edit functionality in the media library.
Reader/Writer display shows relationships between devices.


1. Based on Sony internal testing, speed may vary upon measurement condition.
2. Sony cannot guarantee against damage to recorded data or the exterior case in all situations and conditions. Do not deliberately drop it or subject it to impact.
3. Based on Sony testing according to MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5.

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PSZ-RA6T / #21185


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