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4K Ultra HD video transcoding
Powered by a hardware-accelerated transcoding engine, DS216+II allows you to transcode H.264 4K videos to 1080p and stream them to high-definition TVs, digital media players, mobile handsets, and computers in the required format, making it easy to watch videos without having to install a 3rd party player.

24/7 Security Solution
Surveillance Station delivers intelligent monitoring and video management tools such as managing multiple IP cameras with live streaming, integration of I/O modules and more to help safeguard all the important locations in your life.

Integrate Into Your Business Enviroment
With the support of Windows AD, LDAP, and Domain Trust, DS216+II enables seamless account integration. Windows ACL support allows admins to fine-tune access controls and set up privileges to files and folders.

Centralized Media Hub
Supporting real-time 1-channel H.264 4K Ultra HD or 3-channel Full HD video transcoding support, the DS216+II is ideal for sharing and storing ultra-high definition media content, making it the perfect media server.

Advanced File Management
File Station makes it easy to manage and share your files with anyone at any time. Simply move files between your computer and NAS, customize access permissions, set viewing validity periods, and even share your files with a QR code.

Cost-efficient Cloud Storage
Flexible for homes and reliable for work, the DS216+II provides advanced tools for cloud and file syncing. Sync across all your devices while offering file versioning, selective sync, and offline editing options. Cloud Sync makes it easy to sync to popular cloud providers, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Terabytes of Data in Your Pocket
Remote connect into your NAS using Synology’s mobile apps and have all your files at your fingertips. Control your music or take notes on the Apple Watch with the integration of DS audio and DS note.

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