Thecus N2520 2-Bay Diskless NAS Box | N2520


Thecus N2520 2-Bay Diskless NAS Box | N2520

Thecus® releases an all new 2-bayN2520and 4-bayN4520NAS server to lead the competition. The latest 2 and 4 bay NAS are designed to offer a revolutionary experience to the NAS industry. It utilizes the latest Intel® Atom™ processor with 1GB RAM (N2520) and 2GB RAM (N4520). In addition, superspeedUSB 3.0fosters quick transfers,HDMI outputis convenient for multimedia playback andMcAfee Antivirusprotection is to keep your NAS operating smoothly. The past proves merit; innovative technologies have been utilized to develop the new N2520/N4520 NAS to serve one single purpose: improve user experience and satisfaction.
“The integration of the new Intel® Atom™ processor CE5315 and Thecus® award-winning NAS is truly a revolution. We are proud to be the initial storage manufacture to embed Intel’s first SoC storage dedicated chip, said Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus®. This pairing is phenomenal because it offers a new energy efficient, multimedia powerhouse and performance driven NAS solution to the storage industry.”
Highlights: Thecus®N2520
– Superior price for performanceIntel® Atom™ SoCprocessor- Ultra energy efficient9W idle, 14W load- Ultra quite20dB- 5 minute complete installation- Quick NAS accessibility with client utility- Easy connection through DDNS- HDMI output for media playback- Auto Flashback Photo Gallery
Intel® Atom™CE media processor CE5315: performance without compromise
The next-generation Intel® Atom™ CE media processor CE5315 is designed to manage multitasking like multimedia playback and data backup without affecting performance. This significantly changes the user experience as NAS appliances are becoming optional to mandatory.
Furthermore, the new Intel® Atom™ processor provides superior performance and efficiency with its System-on-Chip (SoC) platform, new to the NAS industry. A true multi-user NAS environment with web hosting, data backup, data encryption, application serving, RAID 0, 1, JBOD (N2520) and RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD (N4520)volumes, and multimedia playback: welcome to the world of smooth multi-tasking!
“The integration of the Intel® Atom™ media processor CE5315 into the Thecus N2520/N4520 model NAS enables users to simultaneously manage activities such as media sharing and data backup without compromising performance,”said Bev Crair, General Manager of Intel® Storage Division. “It’s a great small system storage solution.”
ThecusOS™ 6: new OS for new management experience
A noteworthy feature for the new OS will includeauto firmware and module update. Users will not have to go online to check whether they have the latest firmware and modules, a quick look at the UI and the simple press of a button is all you will need to keep your NAS updated. Most importantly, ThecusOS™ 6 has gone under a complete make-over, which promotes a faster, smoother and more fluid transition during NAS management. Experience innovative ThecusOS™ 6!
Ultra energy efficient x86 SoC NAS 9W idle / 14W load, ultra quite 20dB
As noted, the Thecus® N2520/N4520 utilizes the latest Intel® Atom™ processor built on a System-on-Chip, SoC platform. What this means is that the chip offers a myriad of works built into one; such as processor, graphics, memory and so on. This innovative technology paired with the Thecus® N2520/N4520 allows the best energy efficient combination.The N2520/N4520 offers the lowest power consumption of x86 NAS,9W idle/14W load, and over50% power savings. Furthermore, noise levels are kept to a minimum at20dB. Ultimately the Intel® SoC promotes ultimate energy efficient characteristics. This combination of Intel® Atom™ processor and Thecus® NAS can be summed up as“pure performance, ultra energy efficient.”
5 minute complete installation
The N2520/N4520 is designed with ease in mind; it is easy enough for anyone to set up. Overlook the several steps which usually are associated with setting up NAS appliances. Simply plug the power supply, insert the Ethernet cable, boot up the N2520/N4520 and set up will be completed within 5 minutes. This breakthrough feature truly makes this aplug-and-playNAS.
Quick NAS accessibility using client utility
Thecus® developed a unique way to access your NAS without the need to go through web browsers. The client utility is better known as“Intelligent NAS,”it’s a utility that is packaged in the N2520/N4520 to offer ease of use. Thispowerful utilitywill directly be installed on your computer andauto-Sambayour NAS, thus automatically gives you access to designated folders.
Browse all of your photos, see statistics about your stored data, monitor your NAS (copy/download/log activity), personalize, manage and share files, all this in one easy to use application.
Easy connection through DDNS
Have easy access to your NAS via Dynamic DNS (DDNS), this allows users to allocate and access their NAS files via the internet remotely. Since IP digits are often difficult to remember, domain names are utilized to make NAS management much more convenient. When the IP address is changed, the DDNS server will automatically adjust the IP address to make sure that remote access is always available. In short, DDNS provides convenient remote internet access to your Thecus® N2520/N4520 by utilizing domain names instead of IP digits.
Personal Cloud
The Thecus® N2520/N4520 can easily be set up as your personal cloud; you now have the ability to access all your files stored in your NAS via mobile device or devices synced to the NAS network. The N2520/N4250 is able to store up to8/16TBof storage capacity which provides a large amount of cloud storage. In addition, cloud service providers such asDropbox, ElephantDrive and Amazon S3are fully compatible. Whether you are backing up sensitive data to your personal cloud, to streaming movies and music from your NAS, the N2520/N4520 offers easy personal cloud access.
HDMI output for multimedia playback
With the easy to use local display module, simply plug a screen via HDMI connection, you won’t require a computer anymore to monitor your NAS! Local display via HDMI makes things that much more convenient, directly attach keyboard and mouse or sync mobile device to start data management. Ideal for small/medium business and home users who need to show presentations or home users who wish to display multimedia on their HDTV. Whether it is music, photos or videos the N2520/N4520 is capable to display multiple formats via HDMI multimedia playback.
Auto Flashback Photo Gallery
A new feature that Thecus® has integrated in the N2520/N4520 model is the Auto Flashback Photo Gallery. When the user utilizes the client utility, they will be presented with a feature of photos from the past, hence flashback. For example, if the current date is “Feb xx, xxxx,” Auto Flashback Gallery will automatically display photos of the same date but different year. If a photo of that date is absent, other photos will simply take its place.
In all
The new Thecus® N2520/N4520 is the ultimate home and SMB NAS for any user who manages daily data backups, personal cloud to multimedia playback purposes. The easy 5 minute installation contributes to the phrase “plug and play” in addition to the easy remote NAS access via DDNS. Furthermore, the client utility known asIntelligent NASis a big hit and offers a revolutionary experience to manage your Thecus® NAS without the need of web browser. As networking storage technology is evolving quickly, energy efficiency is always a consideration; the Thecus® N2520/N4520 paired with the latest Intel® Atom™ SoC chip offers the best performance while conserving energy. Last but not least,ThecusOS™6and Auto Flashback Photo Gallery are remarkable updates which add to the user experience; explore the Thecus® N2520/N4520,Experience the Revolution.

1. Hardware Platform


Intel® Atom™ SoC CE5315 Dual Core(1.2GHz Dual Core )

System Memory

Memory expandable up to

LAN Interface (PCI-e)
RJ-45×1: 10/100/1000 BASE-TX Auto MDI/MDI-XWOL supported

USB Interface
USB 2.0 host port x2 (back x2)USB 3.0 host port x1 (front x1)

HDMI Output
HDMI port (back x1)

Audio Output
SPDIF (back x1)

Disk Interface
2 x SATA for internal,support SATA II / SATA III hard disk

Power Supply
40W external power adaptor

Power Management
Auto power on after shutdown due to power loss

Power buttonUSB copy buttonReset button

Temperature: 5°C to 40°CHumidity: 0 ~ 80 % R.H. (Non-condensing)

2bays Tower

Dimensions (HxWxD)
166 x 114 x 210 (mm)/ 6.54 x 4.49 x 8.27 (in)

1.35(Kgs)/2.98(lb)(NAS only)


2. Software Functions


RAID Modes
RAID 0, 1 and JBOD(Support multiple RAID volumes, each volume support up to 16TB)



RAID Volume Encryption


Power Management
*Available spin-down on idle setting

Bad Block Scanning



Disk Roaming
Supports volume-based roaming to other Thecus NAS


Fixed IP address, dynamic IP address

Transport Protocols
TCP/IP, AppleTalk

File Protocols





UPnP Port forwarding

System status

System Monitor
Monitoring CPU, memory, network utilization and protocols access user count

Syslog Management
Send syslog to assigned locationAct as syslog server to receive log info from other systems

Data Access

Client OS Support
Windows XP and afterWindows Server 2003 and afterMac OS X

Built-in FTP server with bandwidth control

Secure FTP
Built-in secure FTP server with bandwidth control

Download Manager
BT Transmission

Printer Server (IPP)
Supports USB printersSupports a wide range of IPP printersClient can manage print tasks (list/delete) via web user interface

Data Backup

Client Incremental Data Backup
Acronis True Image (OEM version)

Client System Disaster Recovery
Acronis True Image (OEM version)

Data Burn
Create files to ISO image and burn to optical discCreate files to ISO imageRead ISO image from optical disc and write to NAS

Mac OS X Time Machine

Data Guard
Remote Backup/Local Backup (iSCSI not supported for N2520)

Power Management

Scheduled Power On/Off

Volume Management

File System

Multimedia Support

iTunes Server
Supports AAC, MP3 w/ID3 tag and WAV

Piczza!™ Photo Server (via module)
Supports GIF, JPG (JPEG), BMP and PNGSupports EXIF displaySupports slide showsRight click to publish on social network like FB (Intelligent NAS)

Media Server
Supports uPnP AV streaming protocol

User Authentication

Local User
Supports built-in user accounts

Local Group
Supports built-in user groups

Cloud Backup



Amazon S3

File System

Journaling File System

Language Support
Unicode Support

Authorization (ACL)
“Read”, “write”, or “deny” privileges to individual users or groups in folders and sub-folders

User Quota


User Interface
Web-based user interface supports English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Portuguese.

Utility Program (Intelligent NAS)
MS Windows Setup WizardSupports Windows XP and afterWindows Server 2003 and afterMac OS X Setup Wizard

Email Notifications
Sends system messages via email to the system administrator

Support one free DDNS registration (ex.

UPnP and Port forwarding
Support auto setting in Intranet environment

Zero Installation
Go through defined URL for auto install (Intelligent NAS)

Client Utility (Intelligent NAS)
1. Auto flashback photo gallery2. BT download3. File manager4. Piczza5. WebDisk

Mobile Applications (iOS/Android)

T- Dashboard
Mobile monitoring and administration (via module)

Upload, download and stream multimedia

Data Security

Virus Scan
Supports McAfee®

Local Display




Recycle Bin

Web Disk


* Supported upon official firmware or application release of these features.*The XBMC application found in our N2520/N2560/N4520/N4560 units is a beta release. We are busy working closely with Intel on an official full release.**Thecus ID & DDNS setup requirements: An ADSL or Cable modem and router (that supports configurable UPnP port forwarding or IGD).

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