Thermaltake Frio Dual fan Heatpipe design CPU Cooler


Thermaltake continues to bring innovative solutions to CPU cooling challenges. The CLP0564 overclocking-ready and six-core ready CPU cooler combines multiple features for optimal cooling of high-powered CPUs. The copper base rests directly against the chip to draw away damaging heat. Five seamlessly embedded heatpipes penetrate the cooling fin array above for optimal heat transfer and dissipation. Dual fans, one on each side, move large amount of cooling air over the convection fins at quiet noise level, and a fan control knob allows you to adjust the fan speed to reach a perfect balance between performance and noise. Compatible with Intel CPUs using LGA 1156 / 1366 / 775 socket and AMD CPUs in Socket AM2+ / AM2 / AM3 packaging, this versatile Thermaltake model was designed to work with just about every modern desktop CPU. For ultra-cool protection and forward-thinking style, the Thermaltake Frio blows away the competition.

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CLP0564 / #9662


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