Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 1050W 80+ Platinum Digital RGB LED Smart Zero Fan SLI/CrossFire Ready ATX12V v2.4 / SSI EPS v2.92 Power Supply | PS-TPI-1050F2FDPE-1


Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 1200W/1050W/850W Platinum Fully Modular Power Supply

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Digital Platinum
Featuring 80 PLUS Platinum certification with individually sleeved cable and flat cable, Toughpower iRGB PLUS Platinum Series use 3 platforms to help users not just monitor smart power supply units, but also save the energy, reduce CO2 emission, and eventually protect the Earth.
1. DPS G PC App 3.0.
2. DPS G Smart Power Management (SPM) Cloud 1.0.
3. DPS G Mobile App 1.0.

Patented 16.8 Million Colors Riing PLUS 14 RGB Fan
The Toughpower iRGB PLUS Platinum Series is installed with a patented circular 16.8 million multi-colored 140mm fan. Users can freely adjust fan speed and customize the lighting effects with DPS G PC App.

The Toughpower iRGB PLUS Platinum Series is installed with a
Switch between different lighting schemes (Full Lighted, Flow, RGB Spectrum, Ripple, Blink, Pulse, and Wave) along with three Color modes (RGB, Single and Off) and four Light Speeds (Slow, Normal, Fast and Extreme).

Fully Modular Cable Design
Fully modular power supply offers cable selection for users while powering the system at an advantageous voltage. Individually sleeved cable and flat cable can make cable management easier, reduce clutter and increase airflow inside the chassis.

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Core Component: MCU/Digital Control Board
Comes with a 32Bit Microcontroller Unit (MCU) from Microchip Technology, Toughpower iRGB Plus 1250W Titanium can digitally control devices and processes, such as automobile engine control systems and office machines.
Digital power supplies support high-efficiency switching transistors, which waste less energy given off as heat. Using smaller parts that work more efficiently enables Thermaltake to craft smaller and lighter power supplies.

100% High Quality Japanese Capacitors
The Toughpower iRGB PLUS 1250W Titanium features 100% high quality Japanese brand capacitors, which greatly improves the durability and offers the highest stability and reliability.
Also equipped with a powerful single +12V rail. Please see the output specification above.

Security Protection – Warning Alert & PC Off Remote Control
The SPM platform provides three alert functions: fan failure, over temperature (over 140°F/60°C), and abnormal voltage level (over/under 5% of normal level) warning alert.
Help users to reduce the possibility of overheating. When the abnormal activities occur, warning message will be pushed to the mobile devices and email, allowing users to turn off the computer remotely via mobile app.

Security Protection – Scheduled Shutdown
The SPM platform allows users to arrange a scheduled shutdown for the system remotely through Mobile App or Cloud Management.
For example, when the process is complete, users can schedule a time for the system to switch off automatically via their mobile devices in order to save the energy and electricity cost.

Smart Power Management (SPM)

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Smart Power Management (SPM)
On the basis of DPS G Smart Power Management Cloud 1.0, users can access the PSU/VGA/CPU data via PC or mobile devices. By uploading the data onto the smart power management cloud every 6 hours, users are capable of monitoring multiple PSUs via their mobile devices and achieving IT cost reduction while monitoring the PSU. Additionally, users are capable of accessing data as well as doing PSU management on different devices PC or mobile devices – anytime anywhere.

DPS G Smart Power Management Cloud 1.0
Check time of usage for each PU. Monitor total KWH, efficiency, fan, speed, etc. Bring the status information of CPU and VGA. Analyze amount of CO2 emission reduced and key parameters of energy consumption. Save more energy and money. Offer real-time warning alert when operates abnormally. Check messages and Thermaltake’s news releases.

DPS G PC App 3.0
Set fan color between LED ON and Colorful (color cycles through 256 colors) mode with LED brightness adjustable. Comes with smart zero fan, turned on around 30% of rated load, to minimize the audible noise. Offer real-time warning alert when fan speed, temperature (over 140℉/60℃), and voltage (over/under 5% of normal level) operate abnormally. Digitally monitor key parameters, including wattage, ampere, voltage, and temperature, of CPU and VGA. Export report and share in the Cloud.

DPS G Mobile App 1.0
Monitor single or multiple PSU anytime anywhere with DPS G Mobile App 1.0.
Single Comparison: Freely choose which PSU to monitor in detail such as efficiency, fan speed, voltage, current and so on.
Total Analysis: Monitor the selected information of the PSU, including Total Time, Total Cost, and KWh.
Real-time warning alert: Alert will be pushed to your mobile devices immediately once the fan fails, temperature over 140℉/60℃, or voltage over/under 5% of normal level.

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