XIGMATEK Thermal Compound | PTI-G4512


Silicon-base thermal grease, PTI-G4512 is optimized to provide heat transferring efficiently and reliably from CPU to heat-sink, and not to cause electrically conductive problems while contacting the pins of an IC.

Outperform to standard thermal compounds 4 to 10 degrees lower CPU full load core temperature.

In syringe and brush attached enables easy application and prevents unnecessary waste.

High Thermal conductivity: 2.5 W/m.k

Good thermal performance

Achieves thin bond lines

Pump-out resistant

Non-Electrical Conductive, Non-Curing & Non-Corrosive

Not dry out, harden or melt

Efficient thermal coupler

Stable at elevated temperatures

No bleed


User friendly

Less silicon oil yields less vaporization

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PTI-G4512 / #12650


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