ZALMAN Z11 Plus HF1 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case


Front Mesh Cover for High Cooling Performance

The front mesh bay cover provides cool air into the system while dust filters prevent dust from entering.

Supports up to 7 System Fans

Up to 7 system fans are installed to expel hot air effectively from the case.

Zalman`s Powerful HDD Cooling Solution

Interactive Cooling System : Hot air generated from HDD is expelled through both sides. Cooling Performance is maximized for HDD cooling, and the overall PC exhaust is increased.

Top Air Vent Exhaust/Tuning

For user convenience, Top air vents expel exhaustive air from the top cooling fan. In addition, translucent acryl vents are effective for tuning.

Side-Panel Acryl Tuning

Dynamic Side Acryl Tuning is provided for users to view theinterior of gaming system.

Supports Dual USB 3.0 Ports

I/O module provides dual USB 3.0 ports for user convenience and expandability.

Dust Filters for Front and Bottom of System and PSU

Dust filters in the front and bottom mesh covers preventdust from entering the system and keep the internalcomponents dust-free.

Additional Card Holder Provided

When installing VGA Card and PCI Slot, the bracket can be used permanently.

Supports Bottom PSU Installation and Aperture for Cable Management

Z11 Plus supports bottom PSU installation and provides an aperture for cable management to make better use of interior space.

Black Interior Coating

The interior of chassis is coated black to provide a sense of unity and elegant design.

Anti-Vibration Rubber Stand

Anti-Vibration Rubber prevents noise and also keeps the system safe from water or other liquid.

Tool Free HDD Installation with Anti-VibrationRubber

The server-type Tool-Free HDD Mount Trays allow easy HDDinstallation/removal and maintenance.

Spacious Interior for 290mm Card Installation

The interior has been designed to be spacious for easy installation and maintenance of various components.

Supports Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Space is provided on the back of M/B plate for installing 2.5″ HDD/SSD.※ Use the bracket located on the 5.25” bay.

Separate Apertures for Convenient CPU CoolerInstallation

Separate apertures for CPU cooler are provided for convenientCPU cooler installation without having to remove motherboardfrom case.

3-in-1 Bracket Provided

3IN1 Adapter Tray is provided for installing FDD / 3.5“HDD / 2.5″ HDD/SSD.

Rear Tube Apertures for Liquid Cooling Systems

Tube apertures are provided at the rear of the case for convenient water cooling set-up and maintenance.

– Main Unit- Stand-off – A Bolts (#6-32*6mm) [PSU/PCI Slot Installation]- B Bolts (M3*5mm) [M/B, FDD, SSD Installation]- C Bolts (M3*6mm) [5.25″ Bay ODD Installation]- D Bolts (#6-32*4mm) [3.5″ Bay HDD Installation]- E-Bolts (#6-32*6mm) [3.5″ HDD Installation]- HDD Anti Vibration Damper [3.5″ Bay HDD Installation]- Cable Ties- CPU Power Extension Cable- Card Holder PCI Bracket – SSD Tray – User`s Manual

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 10 cm


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Z11 Plus HF1 / #13521


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