ZyXEL Personal Cloud Storage Server [2-Bay] with Remote Access and Media Streaming | NAS520


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Fast and Reliable Performance for Productivity
NAS520 2-Bay Media and Personal Cloud Server
Being able to access your personal files and data is crucial in such a technology driven world. The ZyXEL NAS520 provides secure and easy access to all your personal files anytime, anywhere. Featuring both public and private options, you can store and access your personal data securely without any interference.
Its 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU handles all your intensive network data management tasks. USB 3.0 ports with data transfer rates of up to 4.8 Gbps provide a fast interface for external storage and an SD slot with the latest SDXC support allows you to transfer new photos to the ZyXEL NAS520 for quick and simple backup. High performance speeds allow you to share files or stream HD videos on your own personal devices with little wait time. With the NAS520, you can hold all your data in just the palm of your hand.
App Support for Multimedia Streaming and Management
The new ZyxelCloud app, zCloud 5.0 is developed specifically for your use so you can easily access your files through all types of personal devices or sync your mobile devices with popular cloud platforms including Google Drive, Memopal, and ownCloud. Also, with the personal mobile app zCloud, view all your multimedia contents on your network storage with your mobile device wherever you go. NAS520 is also compatible with many apps with support for Roku, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV so you can conveniently stream all your favorite videos on the big screen or other devices you currently own.
Cool, Quiet Design for Silent Operations and Increased Product Life
The ZyXEL NAS520 features a 90 millimeter fan, which cools down your device without the annoying noise from high speed, smaller fans. This will increase your product life and decrease heat damage without any disturbance to your environment.

NAS520 2-Bay Media and Personal Cloud Server

Superior performance for intensive data management – High performance hardware, USB 3.0, and SDXC support for fast backup
Replace hard drives easily with hot-swap
Bolt free design for quick and easy setup
User-friendly interface for enhanced content management
Personal cloud with public and private storage for easy data access, backup, syncing, and sharing – access your files anytime, anywhere
Compatible apps to stream multimedia content
Green features for lower energy costs

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Replace Hard Drives Easily with Hot-Swap
The ZyXEL NAS520 hot-swapping enables quick hard drive replacement without shutting down or interruption while the system is in operation.

Bolt Free Design for Quick and Easy Setup
The bolt free design makes it convenient to install your hard disks into the ZyXEL NAS520 without any screwdrivers or other hardware tools.

Intelligent Desktop and Easy to Use GUI
Easy to use GUI allows for personal use for your storage and offers a smooth, user-friendly graphic interface for you to conveniently view and manage apps. Check your network storage health status, including CPU utilization and fan speed, with its intuitive Web GUI with convenience.

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